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BricksViewer is a Java application/applet for viewing LEGO® .lxf scene files.


  • Provide an application which will allow anyone who can run Java to view LDD models/instructions
  • Provide an applet which will allow users to highlight their models on their web sites


TLG released LEGO® Factory in August of 2005. When used in conjunction with LDD (LEGO® Digital Designer) 1.4, LEGO® Factory allows users to build models in a CAD environment, upload the model to TLG's website, and then purchase the model and/or allow other users to purchase the model.

Currently, the build instructions are the CAD file produced by LDD1.4, which can only be viewed in LDD. I believe there will be a market for purchasing these models which will grow beyond the group of people producing them. Unfortunately, not everyone can run LDD1.4 due to OS, graphics card, etc.

Try it out

You can try the applet with a sample file or download a distribution. Some screenshots are available at the SourceForge project page

New Docs

Just added some documentation on the BricksViewer part format.

Factory Adds Sets

Looks like TLG has added some new sets to Factory. Awesome news even if it represents more work for BricksViewer :)

0.0.9 Released

Adds image preview in open file dialogs, file dialog remembers current directory, and just over 50% of the bricks in the original 5 Factory starter sets.