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anticipated Frequently Asked Questions

Here's the questions I'm guessing people may ask frequently... when they start asking questions... frequently... or at all, really...

How can I get help for a problem with BricksViewer?

You can post a question in the BricksViewer discussion forums on SourceForge.

Why doesn't BricksViewer use the LXF parts files included in LDD for parts data?

Looking forward, it's possible that Bricksviewer will use these files when they are available on the local machine... Due to patents held by TLG, there may be some issues involved in decoding the full part data from these files.

Why doesn't BricksViewer use the LDraw parts file for parts data?

I need to investigate the licensing issues further, a cursory glance at the LDraw parts file does not turn up any license information. Reading forums has led me to believe that there may be a large number of opinions in the LDraw community about what rights parts authors retain.

Why does BricksViewer use JOGL?

Based on an incredibly unscientific and frighteningly brief survey, it seemed to have wider support than Java3D. Historically, this is the best way to choose any technology. ;)

Why is BricksViewer slow as an applet?

If JOGL is installed on the client system, BricksViewer (as an applet) will use it. In order to avoid the issues of signing applets, BricksViewer falls back to jGL (which does not use JNI) if JOGL is not available locally. You can download jogl from https://jogl.dev.java.net/ and install it locally. If you are interested in running BricksViewer as a signed applet, please submit a Feature Request via the SourceForge project page.

Why are there little shaded cubes all over my model?

When BricksViewer doesn't have a definition for a given part, it draws an LSC (little shaded cube) instead. As more parts are entered, of course, this problem will lessen.

Where can I get some LXF files to try out?

Go to the Factory Gallery.