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LXF refers to at least two types of files. The first is the model files BricksViewer is concerned with. The second is a binary format for storing parts data (and possibly model data).

Scene File Contents

The scene file is a zip file containing three files:

  • IMAGE100.PNG


Good question, I don't know either :) This is likely a binary LXF scene file.


Thumbnail image of the model.


The file BricksViewer reads, this is an XML document describing the location of bricks in the scene. It also groups bricks into steps for the instructions. Here is a simple sample:

<?xml version="1.0"?>
<LXFML versionMajor="2" versionMinor="0">
    <Application versionMajor="1" versionMinor="4" versionProduct="1908">
      LEGO Digital Designer
    <LDD.Title>One Lone Brick</LDD.Title>
      <LDD.Collection quantity="1">000025LEGOFactoryMyHouse</LDD.Collection>
    <Camera tx="-52.057579" ty="53.488464" tz="-52.057602"
            ax="0.597963" ay="0.762294" az="-0.247684" angle="57.037254"
            distance="91.000008" refID="0"/>
    <Camera angle="0.000000" fieldOfView="0.000000" refID="1"/>
  <Scene cameraRefID="0">
    <Model name="One Lone Brick">
      <Group refID="0" angle="0.000000">
        <Part designID="3005" materialID="1" refID="0"
              tx="0.800000" tz="0.800000"
              ay="-1.000000" angle="90.000008"/>
      <Step cameraRefID="1">
        <PartRef partRefID="0"/>